Associate of the Month – Courtney


Courtney has been a cocktail waitress at Dallas Chop House for seven months. With all the enthusiastic comment cards we get with her name on it, it’s certainly her time to be Associate of the Month!

Courtney’s favorite perks of the job are the people she gets to spend time with – both her restaurant family and the guests who come to visit. She has quite a few regulars, but also loves talking with all the hotel guests who are travelling through and have stories to tell. She’s also a fan of the food, especially the Roasted Brussels Sprouts.

“I wake up craving them!” she said.

Above all, Courtney loves to leave a positive impact on everyone who comes to visit Dallas Chop House. One of her favorite comment cards she’s ever received was from a couple who were from out of town. They wrote that they felt out of place when they first came in, but Courtney made them feel comfortable and at home as soon as they sat down. We’re happy to have Courtney with us at DRG Concepts!


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