Associate of the Month – Jesse


After suffering a fire in August of 2014, Dallas Chop House set out on the road to recovery. We quickly reopened for dinner, but with construction crews in the restaurant during the day, lunch took a little longer. An entirely new lunch staff meant the introduction of new challenges, a lot of training, and our Associate of the Month Jesse Vasquez.

As one of our most reliable servers, Jesse arrives each morning with a smile, ready to work the lunchtime bar and help guests – like one of his regulars, Patrick, who comes in most days with the same order of steak, fries and wine.

Jesse’s service has helped to elevate our lunch to new levels, with guests like Patrick coming in three or four days a week. Jesse said he truly enjoys his job and the people he works with, and his consistency proves it.

“I just love coming in in the mornings,” he said.

So if you’re ever in the mood for a 10 oz ribeye, charred, with our famous Truffle Fries and a glass of cabernet, be sure to stop by Jesse’s section during lunch!


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