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Oysters and Martinis at Dallas Fish Market


As the temperature rises and winter gives way to spring, fresh seafood becomes foremost in everyone’s minds. DRG is pleased to present Oysters & Martinis at Dallas Fish Market on March 23! Our top rated chefs and Mixologists are coming together to prepare a four course treat to delight the senses and tantalize the taste buds.


From 6:30-8:30pm, participants will feast on four tasting courses of oyster dishes prepared by our amazing chefs at DFM. Each course is accompanied by a martini hand selected by our in house Mixologists. The meal will be followed by a special surprise dessert. This event is not to be forgotten, and tickets are on sale now!

Head over to Eventbrite to purchase your tickets today!


Associate of the Month – John Hendricks


DRG’s newest Associate of the Month is John from Dallas Fish Market! John has been an important member of our team for two years, starting as a star lunch server before moving to dinner service. He loves getting to work with everyone on the team, from management to servers and bussers.

“Everyone here is a great person,” he said. “It’s a great place to work.”

Corporate Trainer and HR Associate Priscilla Pack had just as positive things to say about John. “He is an incredibly dedicated individual with the mindset of a true leader,” she said.

We’re very lucky to have John on the DRG team. Congratulations to April’s Associate of the Month!

Associate of the Month – Quinn Ferguson


Quinn started working at Dallas Chop House this past September as a lunch server and by December she started her new position as a cocktail waitress. We’re happy to have her as our Associate of the Week!

As a cocktail waitress, Quinn loves the team she gets to work with every day and spending time with guests. Having a group of regulars is one of her favorite parts of the job.

“I live downtown, so sometimes I even see my regulars while out walking their dogs,” she said. “It’s a really nice sense of community.”

In fact, Quinn interviewed at Dallas Chop House the day she moved downtown. Even if she had not joined the DRG team, she said she likely would have become a big fan.

“I love our happy hour with the patio and $5 glasses of wine. I wish I would have discovered the patio sooner. I would have become a regular myself.”

If you haven’t experienced it for yourself, join us on the patio for happy hour soon. It comes highly recommended by our star Associate of the Month!

Associate of the Month – Andreas Lopez


Andreas has been working with us at Chop House Burger Euless for two years, since the restaurant was new. He loves his job as Lead Cook and the team he gets to work with. We’re excited to acknowledge his consistent hard work and name him our Associate of the Month!

Not just a member of our Euless team, Andreas is a big fan of his work family. Any time he has to venture out of the restaurant for work, he is excited to come back home to the Euless store again.

Corporate Trainer and HR Associate Priscilla Pack also holds Andreas in high esteem. “Not only does Andreas provide exceptional food to our guests, but he also leads his team to perfection on a daily basis.  His work ethic and integrity displays his genuine concern for quality service and product,” she said.

Stop by soon to give Andreas a visit, and try one of his expertly cooked burgers! The El Luchador is his favorite, and we definitely trust the opinion of our Associate of the Month.

Associate of the Month – Jesse


After suffering a fire in August of 2014, Dallas Chop House set out on the road to recovery. We quickly reopened for dinner, but with construction crews in the restaurant during the day, lunch took a little longer. An entirely new lunch staff meant the introduction of new challenges, a lot of training, and our Associate of the Month Jesse Vasquez.

As one of our most reliable servers, Jesse arrives each morning with a smile, ready to work the lunchtime bar and help guests – like one of his regulars, Patrick, who comes in most days with the same order of steak, fries and wine.

Jesse’s service has helped to elevate our lunch to new levels, with guests like Patrick coming in three or four days a week. Jesse said he truly enjoys his job and the people he works with, and his consistency proves it.

“I just love coming in in the mornings,” he said.

So if you’re ever in the mood for a 10 oz ribeye, charred, with our famous Truffle Fries and a glass of cabernet, be sure to stop by Jesse’s section during lunch!

Associate of the Month – Lamonica

DSC_0165 crop

Our Associate of the Month is our hostess Lamonica from Wild Salsa! It comes just in time for her six month anniversary with us on November 14th. Lamonica loves the team atmosphere she’s experienced at Wild Salsa, and she’s never missed a day of work. This means she’s seen a lot of regulars come through at lunch time, so much that she already knows what they will want to order.

“We have two gentlemen who come in and sit at the bar, and they’re like VIPs,” she said. “Every day they get a Sprite with mint leaves, so sometimes I tell the bartender to have it ready before they sit down.”

We’re happy to have Lamonica as part of the DRG family, and grateful to be a part of hers as well. Her son joined the Chop House Burger team over the summer and continues to serve up burgers, fries, and shakes on the weekends. Be sure to say hi to Lamonica next time you grab lunch at Wild Salsa!

Associate of the Month – Courtney


Courtney has been a cocktail waitress at Dallas Chop House for seven months. With all the enthusiastic comment cards we get with her name on it, it’s certainly her time to be Associate of the Month!

Courtney’s favorite perks of the job are the people she gets to spend time with – both her restaurant family and the guests who come to visit. She has quite a few regulars, but also loves talking with all the hotel guests who are travelling through and have stories to tell. She’s also a fan of the food, especially the Roasted Brussels Sprouts.

“I wake up craving them!” she said.

Above all, Courtney loves to leave a positive impact on everyone who comes to visit Dallas Chop House. One of her favorite comment cards she’s ever received was from a couple who were from out of town. They wrote that they felt out of place when they first came in, but Courtney made them feel comfortable and at home as soon as they sat down. We’re happy to have Courtney with us at DRG Concepts!