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Oysters and Martinis at Dallas Fish Market


As the temperature rises and winter gives way to spring, fresh seafood becomes foremost in everyone’s minds. DRG is pleased to present Oysters & Martinis at Dallas Fish Market on March 23! Our top rated chefs and Mixologists are coming together to prepare a four course treat to delight the senses and tantalize the taste buds.


From 6:30-8:30pm, participants will feast on four tasting courses of oyster dishes prepared by our amazing chefs at DFM. Each course is accompanied by a martini hand selected by our in house Mixologists. The meal will be followed by a special surprise dessert. This event is not to be forgotten, and tickets are on sale now!

Head over to Eventbrite to purchase your tickets today!


Associate of the Week –Dennis


Dennis has been a server and bartender at Dallas Chop House’s dinner and social hour for two and a half years. He is also the restaurant’s trainer, so when Dallas Chop House recently opened its doors for lunch, Dennis was helping lead the charge, getting our servers ready to bring the same exceptional service to lunchtime diners! There is a lot he enjoys about working in the restaurant, and it all comes from how much he loves establishing relationships with both the guests and people he works with.

Dennis is always focused on making everyone’s experience the best it can be, whether it’s with familiar faces or visitors passing through.

“I know all the regulars on a personal level, and our location is a great place for guests from out of town,” he said.

As for menu favorites, Dennis was very enthusiastic about one of the essentials on Dallas Chop House’s menu.

“I always recommend the Dry Aged Rib Eye steaks,” he said. “I had never had one before I started working here, and now I’m hooked. I love introducing them to guests who are unfamiliar with them. I even introduced them to my family, and now they love them, too.”

Thanks to his expert training style, Dennis’ signature enthusiasm is now spreading throughout the lunchtime crowd. Training new servers is one of Dennis’ favorite parts of his job because he also has a degree in education.

“I was a fifth grade school teacher,” he said, “and the training we recently did for lunch brought back a lot of good memories. It felt just like a classroom because we spent four days training with the whole group of new lunch servers.”

While Dennis said training is a lot of fun, he said the most rewarding part is seeing the new servers succeed.  He said, “I really love to hear all the good feedback we are getting about lunch. It’s so important to see the people I trained be successful and have that come through with the guests.”

Dennis has been a big part of the great service at Dallas Chop House, no matter what time of day it is. Congratulations to our Associate of the Week!

Dallas Fish Market’s Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day is coming up soon, so it’s time to start planning the perfect Sunday! Dallas Fish Market is having an outstanding brunch that will make your Mother’s Day memorable. Our three course menu is full of options that go great with celebrating all that moms do. Take a look at some of our favorite upcoming brunch dishes, along with the full menu, and join us on May 10th!


For a day this special, why not start it off with sashimi? For a first course, check out the Kuro Kampachi with smoked trout roe, chorizo oil, strawberry, and red grape.


Continue celebrating extraordinary mothers with these extraordinary Black Linguine and Clams! Littleneck clams are surrounded by squid ink pasta and come with a grilled baguette.


We’re making sure all moms get a chance to feel refreshed with Yogurt Panna Cotta Parfait! Passion fruit syrup, granola, and fresh berries are all in the mix.

You can get an early look at the full Mother’s Day brunch menu on our website and make your reservations on OpenTable or at 214-744-3474!

Associate of the Week –Raul


Raul has been at Wild Salsa for a year and a half so he knows his favorite dishes and drinks well. Ask for a recommendation and he’ll most likely stick to some of the classics – Margarita Frescas and the Wild Nachos (with both achiote chicken and beef arracheras). It’s hard to turn down a recommendation from a server as good as Raul!

One of Raul’s favorite parts of working at Wild Salsa comes from having worked there for so long.

“I love seeing new people every day,” he said, “both new and familiar faces. It’s fun when guests have been coming for so long I know them by name.” Raul also said that some of his best memories at Wild Salsa are with guests who are visiting Dallas from all around the world.

Since he has been at Wild Salsa for a while now, Raul also enjoys helping out and acting as an example as new servers join the team.

“I love the people here, and it’s fun,” he explained, “so of course I’m sticking around! Everyone here is great.”

One of Wild Salsa’s managers, Charles, said that Raul is extremely dependable and considerate of all the guests and team members.

“He’s one of the strongest workers I know, and just a really good guy,” Charles said.

Congratulations to Raul on being a very deserving Associate of the Week!

Dining with DRG and the Majestic Theatre


So much of what we love about being right in the heart of Downtown Dallas is all the history we’re surrounded by and get to be a part of. Our Main Street restaurants are all within a few blocks from the Majestic Theatre, which has been bringing music, film, and performing arts events to Downtown Dallas since 1921!

If you are attending a show at the Majestic Theatre, we would love for you to join us for dinner before or after. Bring your same-day tickets to any of our restaurants and show them to the server or manager for a complimentary appetizer or dessert with your meal!

Check out the events schedule to see what’s coming to the Majestic Theatre soon and start planning an amazing night out in Downtown Dallas!

Associate of the Week –Yerik

DSC08846 2

Yerik has been working hard at Wild Salsa as a server and the restaurant’s trainer for over a year. It’s about time he became our Associate of the Week!

Wild Salsa has an exciting atmosphere that not only do our guests love, but according to Yerik, makes the restaurant an amazing place to work. He said he loves spending every day surrounded by the beauty of the Dia de los Muertos theme and the energy it brings to all the guests and staff. His favorite is the statue of La Catrina, which he has even nicknamed Mercedes. Still, it’s not just the Day of the Dead theme that Yerik said he enjoys about the décor.

“I love the decorations,” he said, “and also how we use the tequila bottles as a decoration themselves.”

The Wild Salsa tequila bar is also something Yerik said he appreciates about his workplace because it’s very unique and popular with guests. He’s also opinionated about the restaurant’s food – while he loves everything on the menu, he said the Pork Calabacitas are his absolute favorite.

“They’re really good and it’s a good sized portion,” he said. The slow roasted pork shoulder, Mexican squash, tomatoes, fresh corn, and chiles make the dish a guest favorite as well. “I love recommending it to guests because they always end up enjoying them a lot.”

Yerik said he has a lot of good memories from Wild Salsa, but one of his favorites occurred just a few months after he started working there. It was a great day out on the patio and there was a group of around twenty people. Everyone was in a great mood and Yerik had a lot of fun serving them and making suggestions. He was so glad to make sure that everyone was having a wonderful time and that everyone was enjoying their meal so much.

“I even have a picture from that day,” he said.

Be sure to come to Wild Salsa to soak in the atmosphere and Yerik will be glad to serve you some Pork Calabacitas or another of his spot-on recommendations!

DRG Concepts Spreads the Love this Valentine’s Day

As this Valentine’s Day draws closer, many people are scrambling to make plans. Fortunately, DRG Concepts knows exactly where you should make your reservations. Dallas Chop House and Dallas Fish Market both have prix-fixe Valentine’s Day menus with three courses especially for the occasion. Take a look at some of our favorite choices for the holiday, and read through the full menus – If you’re still having trouble deciding where to go, leave it up to us! At the end of the blog, take our quiz to find out which restaurant is best for you and your Valentine.

Dallas Chop House

You can start your evening with this special Valentine version of Steak Tartare with black truffle, quail egg, and rosemary-sea salt focaccia. You may have tried Dallas Chop House’s Steak Tartare in the past, but not like this. Black truffle adds a bit of love that’s never more welcome than on Valentine’s Day.

Steak Tartare

For a second course we’re loving the looks of the Roasted Texas Quail. It’s served on top of corn pudding and crawfish maque choux – which are all superstars on their own, but have come together for this Valentine’s dish. Feel right at home on your night out with us!


Valentine’s Day would be nothing without dessert! We’re especially excited about this Chambord Red Velvet Cake, a traditional favorite given a sweet twist with chocolate ganache and whipped mascarpone frosting. It’s a dish so lovely Cupid would be proud.


Dallas Fish Market

For some, oysters are a Valentine’s Day staple – Beausoleil Oysters at Dallas Fish Market are made with egg sauce, frisee, and candied garlic. Frisee has been called “the most elegant of the salad vegetables” and is mostly popular in France, a whole country filled with romance! We’ve taken this dish up to the next Valentine level.


Our Pan Seared Salmon has all the extra touches your Valentine deserves. With horseradish celery root, mustard-fennel salad, and a beautiful Gala apple on the side, it’s the most delicious dish to say “I love you”!


We hear that over 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold each Valentine’s Day. It seems a little overdone – show your Valentine some more genuine sweet stuff with the most sincere of desserts, Lingonberry Tart! Topped with brown butter ice cream, it’s the ideal way to end your Valentine’s Day dinner with just the perfect amount of pink.

Both Dallas Chop House and Dallas Fish Market are offering courses that will make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable. If you’re looking for a non prix-fixe meal, the fiesta’s always going at Wild Salsa! If you still can’t decide, just listen to your heart! But since sweating the small stuff for you is our specialty, we’re happy to help out. Take our quiz to find out which DRG Concepts restaurant is perfect for your Valentine’s Day! 

Dallas Chop House Menu – Make your reservation here or 214-736-7300

Dallas Fish Market Menu – Make your reservation here or 214-744-3474

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